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  • McCraney Property Company Completes Boca Logistics Center

    McCraney Property Company, an industrial real estate developer and manager, has completed construction on Boca Logistics Center. Butters Construction was the contractor on the site.

    Boca Logistics Center is located at 644-646 Park of Commerce Way Boca Raton, FL 33487, and is on the last remaining developable sites facing I-95 in The Broken Sound Park, an ideal business destination for companies, large and small, from global headquarters to entrepreneurial start-ups.

    This new 119,117-square-foot distribution consists of two Class ‘A’ Industrial buildings located in Boca Raton, Florida. This site is ideally positioned south of Clint Moore Road and north of Yamato Road with easy access to I-95 just east with a few short minutes commute.

    The new facility is now fully operational.

    “Demand remains strong in the greater Palm Beach market due to the lack of alternative space options and the enhanced warehouse need driven by last mile delivery,” said Steven McCraney, President and CEO of McCraney Property Company. “We’re excited about the South Florida market and are committed to further development projects and acquisitions.” 

    The Project consists of two industrial buildings totaling 78,452 and 40,665 square feet, respectively. Units starting at ±15,000 square feet will be available for lease in Q2 2023.

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