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  • McCraney Property Company Begins Construction on Royal Palm Logistics

    McCraney Property Company (“McCraney”), a leading industrial real estate developer and manager, has begun construction of the Royal Palm Logistics (the “Project”), a 128,550 square foot Class “A” industrial project in Royal Palm Beach, FL. Butters Construction & Development is the general contractor on the site.?

    Connecting your business to what matters to you most, Royal Palm Logistics is located at 1131 N State Road 7, in close proximity to West Palm Beach. The Project is strategically positioned on 441 with easy access to I-95 and the FL Turnpike via Okeechobee Boulevard. The location is an ideal business destination for companies, large and small, from global headquarters to entrepreneurial start-ups.

    The Project will have units starting at ±19,000 square feet, 32’ clear ceiling heights, ESFR sprinkler system, dock high & grade level loading, and will be available for lease in Q3 2023.

    “McCraney Property Company is excited to have begun construction on our fourth logistics center,” said Steven McCraney, President and CEO of McCraney Property Company. “The southern location of this new facility in Royal Palm Beach, Florida will allow vendors to more efficiently service their growing customer base throughout Florida. We thank everyone who has helped in making this possible and look forward to a longstanding partnership as we build a loyal and dedicated team at this facility and become an integral part of this community.”

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