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  • Building an Industrial Southeast

    Distribution / E-Commerce / 3PL Fulfillment 

    A commercial real estate company built on a foundation of integrity, excellence and an unyielding passion to create inviting environments where people are proud to come to work and grow their business.

    35 Years + Experience

    About McCraney Property Company

    Setting the standards of tomorrow’s warehouses

    Our success is measured by our clients’ satisfaction and our commitment to these principles:

    • Building Relationships
    • Building Communities
    • Building Value
    • Driving Customer Service


    What We Do?


    For small businesses or national corporations who require space customized to meet their needs.

    Property Management

    McCraney Management Company manages more than three million square feet of industrial space.


    We partner with experienced agents to market and lease our industrial / distribution space.

    Rated Top 50 National Industrial Owners & Developers National Real Estate Investor’s in 2017

    Construction & Development

    From developing new buildings, expand existing ones, and modernize older properties.

    Named Top 15 of Industrial Developers in the Nation by Commercial Property Executive in 2022

    Our Team

    Pioneering the Future

    Passionate Professionals

    Our team of industry leaders are driven to forge new paths that set a higher standards, while never forgetting that it begins and ends with the people we serve.

    Our Background

    Since its founding in 1989, the company has grown to be one of the most active developers of high-finish industrial real estate – e-commerce fulfillment and distribution facilities – and private acquisition in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina’s major markets.

    Give – Care – Share

    Being an engaged, responsible, and active community partner is a deeply-rooted part of McCraney Property Company’s culture. Our team has cultivated strong relationships by supporting and participating in a broad range of Civic and Professional organizations within and around the communities we serve.

    Awards & Accolades

    McCraney Property Company and its developments have been recognized by industry and local outlets for success, which Mr. McCraney attributes to his collective team of brokers and professionals that he is honored to call his colleagues and friends.

    From Our Blog

    Recent News

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